Think, it all makes sense eventually.

Intelligent Christianity is a place to get information and think through some tough issues about life, science, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and your world, to help make the pieces fit together.

We believe in a creator God.  We believe in Intelligent Design throughout the universe. We believe in miracles and have lots of evidence that miracles happen regularly throughout the world today.  We believe in the disciplines of science, mathematics, and history as a good basis to evaluate and understand our world and our experiences.  We believe the Bible is inspired by God and the Hebrew language holds keys to understanding yet to be discovered.  We believe in the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ and we want to “take hold of that for which He took hold of us. ” Philippians  3:12


We believe in the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. ”  We believe this is a universal key to success.



We have found intelligent reasons for believing these things.  It is an ongoing process,  we will continue to learn, search, share,  and grow into better understanding.  Join us in our journey.



Helpful videos on science.

The seen world is not the REAL world, necessarily.  Quantum fields can not be seen but they are the foundation of the world we can see.  The spirit world seems to behave in much the same way. Here’s a whole new world of discovery.


Chemical Elements

The Chemical elements are building blocks of everything in our physical world.  Unfortunately, it was not that exciting to learn about in most schools.  Here’s a fun approach to Chemistry.